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so there was a winter?

It seems crazy that it is already March. Having a snowless winter makes it feel like time is standing still but then I remember all of the things that have happened in the past few months.

Making a tent for himself!

Making a tent for himself!

Keller is 6 months old! I never thought the day would come. He is an incredible baby and has the sweetest personality. He loves to laugh (especially at Sherman and Daddy) and plays constantly with toys and books. We have become regulars at our church’s Tuesday playgroup and hang out with a group of baby friends on Thursdays. I joined a bible study at church on Wednesdays and Keller enjoys play time in the nursery. He loves the childcare workers there. He has been getting his bottom two teeth in and his left one popped out today after his nap! He is also rolling around a lot now and still likes to play with his toes. He had his first bad tummy ache last night and threw up a lot of avocado. Becca was over so we each got a turn getting puked on. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ What a way to turn 6 months old. It was scary but thankful his tummy settled enough for him to sleep. Guess we shouldn’t have fed him a whole avocado โ€“ lessons we don’t really want to learn, right?

We put an offer in on a house this morning, We have been looking for about a month now and found one that is in between work and church. It is near one of the few real lakes in Orlando. We like the neighborhood because it reminds us of Minnesota โ€“ mature trees, established neighborhoods, older homes. We went for a walk around the area and met some nice neighbors. Hopefully the woman who owns the house accepts our offer! We are excited to be homeowners again. The backyard is nice for Keller to play in when he’s older and there is an orange tree and a lemon tree!

Our life group (bible study) is starting to study Philippians and our goal is to memorize the book. It has been good to learn from each other and to focus on the Word more. It is also fun for Phil and I to help each other memorize the verses and soak up Paul’s encouraging words to the Philippians. I am thankful for the people that God has placed in our lives and how easy it has been to get to know them.

We are in the season of visitors right now and it is awesome! My mom, aunt Shirley and (foster) sister Autum came to visit at the end of February. A couple of friends from YouthWorks stayed over on their way to a cruise. We met up with my friend April and her family last week. Our cousins, Katie and David, are coming to town. Pete Z (college friend) will be here for a church-planting conference in a couple of weeks and, in April, Nina and Wayne will be here!! Phil’s mom and stepdad will be here in May too. We love hosting people and catching up on life in Minnesota. We’ll be home at the end of July and can’t wait for Keller to see the farm ๐Ÿ™‚

We also celebrated with our friends Brian and Kelly at our first Orlando wedding. It was a rainy day but the sun came out right when Kelly started walking down the aisle. So beautiful.

Next week, we are in a bowl-a-thon for a local teen program. Hopefully I don’t embarrass myself too much!


Sherman is getting declawed. It has been a long decision process but we finally came to the conclusion that the pros outweigh the cons. I’ve been talking to him about it today and hope he doesn’t resent us after it’s done. I’m usually not an empathetic person so it is pathetic I am toward a cat. Maybe it is because I still remember giving birth to Keller. ๐Ÿ™‚

On a much brighter note, Nachelle is coming tomorrow! Cannot wait for the fun we will have!!

Keller has been eating his hands and exploring with his mouth. He is also grabbing on to things! The last few nights he has been sleeping a good 7 hours, only waking looking for his pacifier. Last night he slept 8 hours! We just learned about the 5 “S” – swaddling, shushing, swaying, side or stomach (not for sleeping) and sucking. We were already doing them so I guess we are naturals at parenting – haha. We are thankful that God has blessed us so undeservingly with Keller. It is a reminder every day of Christ’s grace and salvation. We will celebrate KW’s 2 month birthday on Sunday!

Ode to Sherman

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This morning Keller was hanging out in his swing (sleeping) and I had worship music playing. He raised his hand in the air like he was worshipping the Lord. It made me smile and made me pray even more for him to know Christ as his Savior.

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It seems like 4 weeks have gone by so fast but slow at the same time. I thought the first 2 weeks were never going to end and things were always going to be crazy hard. God is very gracious and thankfully it only lasted a short time. I also thought I would cry every day for the rest of my life but that ended as well ๐Ÿ™‚ – I’m a little dramatic to say the least. God has also been very kind in giving us a content baby who only cries when he needs his diaper changed or if he is hungry. I know this will probably change but He knew what we needed to make it through those first weeks.

God has been teaching me every day how to let go of my expectations and live in the moment. I still make my lists of “things to do” but those things don’t really matter when the sweetie wants you to hold him. I have been learning to be patient in an ironicย short period of time. I always want things done as soon as I think of it or succeed at something the first time I try it. Nursing Keller has proven to be a good lesson in patience and taking things one day at a time. It makes me think of the future and how this patience will be needed as Keller learns and grows cause he isn’t going to have everything figured out – haha. Am I a tiger mom?? I hope not! All of this reflection shows me how much I expected of the YouthWorks summer staff to remember everything the first time they were toldย and the grace I could have extended them in training and on site . Numbers 6:24-26 is a verse that has been on my heart and a prayer I have been praying over Phil. “The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you, the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” How thankful I am for God’s grace on us when we don’t learn as quickly as we probably should/could!

Keller has smiled, laughed and rolled to his side in his 3rd week of life. Phil likes to call him Booper which my Grandpa used to call me! I’ve started to call him Butter and I’m not sure why – it just comes out! Last night he went 6 hours between feedings and it was awesome rest for everyone.

Final thought. I miss Cities 97 and Phil just told me I can listen to it on my phone! Wow ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, time to feed Keller again. Until next time …

Love, the Netolickys

2 Weeks Old!

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We always heard that babies grow fast but we didn’t realize how true this is now that we have our own. Keller has grown so much over the past 2 weeks. He has gained back his birth weight and then some. His facial expressions are even different day to day. Phil and I love when he makes an “O” shape with his mouth โ€“ so adorable. He scrunches his forehead up like his dad and sneezes like him too. He loves to grunts when he eats and his cry is a little raspy but so cute. He is starting to focus on our faces and follow us with his eyes. His hair is looking more brown then black and has already grown a little bit in the back. He loves to eat and his belly is really filling out. We are still working on breastfeeding and have gone to a great lactation consultant but I am having a hard time being patient (surprising? haha).

I cry sometimes still โ€“ some out of exhaustion, some out of frustration and some out of just plain not knowing what to expect. I pray every day that God would help me be a good mom. I am feeling a lot better physically so I don’t feel as much of a burden. Phil has been incredible and loves taking care of Keller. We are blessed to have a content, happy baby boy!

My mom and dad are here and it has been great having them meet their grandson. My mom has been here for two weeks and has been a huge help with everything. We are very thankful for her and will be sad when she leaves this Tuesday. Dad will leave the same day but he is driving home with our family friends, John and Sandy.

We can’t wait for Keller to meet his Grandma Cheryl and Grandpa Rod โ€“ Christmas won’t come soon enough. All of his cousins on both sides are excited to meet him too.

My friend Nachelle is coming to visit at the beginning of November and I can’t wait! We are thankful for the friends we have made in Orlando and everyone’s offer to help out but it will be nice to have an old friend here.

The Vikings are doing pretty well today but we are trying not to get too excited yet. We want Keller to have realistic expectations of our team but hold onto the hope that this could be the season! (I just read this to Phil and he said, “Yeah, right.”) Guess dad isn’t has confident as mom ๐Ÿ™‚


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