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Sherman is getting declawed. It has been a long decision process but we finally came to the conclusion that the pros outweigh the cons. I’ve been talking to him about it today and hope he doesn’t resent us after it’s done. I’m usually not an empathetic person so it is pathetic I am toward a cat. Maybe it is because I still remember giving birth to Keller. 🙂

On a much brighter note, Nachelle is coming tomorrow! Cannot wait for the fun we will have!!

Keller has been eating his hands and exploring with his mouth. He is also grabbing on to things! The last few nights he has been sleeping a good 7 hours, only waking looking for his pacifier. Last night he slept 8 hours! We just learned about the 5 “S” – swaddling, shushing, swaying, side or stomach (not for sleeping) and sucking. We were already doing them so I guess we are naturals at parenting – haha. We are thankful that God has blessed us so undeservingly with Keller. It is a reminder every day of Christ’s grace and salvation. We will celebrate KW’s 2 month birthday on Sunday!

Ode to Sherman

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little did we know

It has been quite a while since I last posted so I will be surprised if anyone reads this but my hope is that I will be able to keep it updated with our new adventures in Florida! I am going to summarize our road trip to our new home in Hunter’s Creek … we had fun taking our time going south.

We started our journey in Edina at our house closing. It was sad to leave our house for the last time but it was exciting to actually sign the papers! Laura and Francis (our neighbors) were so kind and generous, feeding us and providing us an air mattress our last week at home. We are going to miss them! We headed to my parents for a couple of days. It was nice to spend time with my family before we left but I know we will be visiting a lot – especially once Keller is born.

Our next stop was in Cedar Rapids, IA where we were able to visit with Phil’s dad’s side of the family. We stayed at Arlo and Joyce’s, met everyone at Pizza Ranch for dinner and then had breakfast with Arlo, Joyce and Pat at the Rise and Shine diner.

We started out for Cincinnati and stopped by to see Laurleyn and her Early Bird team once we got into town. It was a long day of driving and we left Sherman at the first of his many Kitty Kondos 😉

We left Cincinnati after breakfast and picking up Sherm with our destination Knoxville. We stayed in Knoxville for two days. Sherman stayed at All Kreatures pet resort and had a great time! We explored Knoxville that night and headed into the Smoky Mtns the next day for some hiking. It was beautiful!!

I was craving pralines so we decided after our vacation in Knoxville to set our sights on Savannah. It was fun to visit again and know our way around. Sherm’s living conditions were  a little tentative but he survived the night. I got my praline sample and we were on our way the next morning to Daytona Beach.

We decided to stop in Jacksonville so that we could spend more time on the beach so we stopped around noon, ate Chi-K-Fila and dropped Sherman off at Paradise Pet Resort. It was a lovely afternoon at the beach. The next morning we made our way to our final stopping point – Hunter’s Creek – our new home.

It was Wednesday by this point and we met Edith, our leasing agent, and got our keys! Our stuff wasn’t arriving until Thursday so we stayed on last night in a hotel. The movers arrived Thursday morning at 9:00am – little did we know how awesome movers really are! The three guys had our stuff unloaded and unpacked by 12:30pm. It was incredible. We have spent the last three days organizing and fitting everything strategically in our two bedroom. We love it!

We have been blown away by how faithful God is in providing for us and sustaining us through these last few days. It has been very nice to have time with Phil and it will be strange to have him start work in a week. We are thankful for all of our friends and family’s prayers for us. We are praying for a church community and to form relationships with our neighbors too.

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In case you haven’t heard…

We are having a baby! It still seems a little surreal but we heard the heartbeat on Valentine’s Day and it’s amazing. I am almost 11 weeks along and our expected due date is September 10 … my aunt Joanie’s birthday!

I feel like I should have a lot of questions but I don’t even know where to start. I am thankful for so many friends I can turn to who have children and align with my beliefs. I am excited to learn more about hypnobirthing. Phil and I think we want to find out if we are having a girl or a boy but maybe the Lord wants us to wait (and teach me to let go of my OCD planning and organizing).

We told our parents on Saturday, February 11. I made a cake that said, “We’re having a baby!” and it was a big hit. We called Phil’s family and sent them a picture of the cake. Courtney is probably the most excited since she has been planning for our baby for the last 6 months – collecting books for the baby, asking a family friend for the bib they were making (for another baby),.. She kept singing under her breathe all day, “Amanda’s having a baby, Amanda’s having a baby.” We sent the recording of the heartbeat to my parents and she was convinced I was having the baby that day because of the heart “beeps”.

So far I haven’t had any real sickness. I get an upset stomach at night so I just have to rest but otherwise it’s been pretty great! I do see my belly starting to grow though 🙂 I have gained 3 pounds since my 6 week check up so I seem to be doing good.

We move to Florida at the beginning of June. Everyone is concerned about the heat but I think it will be fine – just have to be careful! I am nervous for how I will connect with people and find friends but we are praying we find a good church we can plug into right away. It will be hard to leave Hiawatha though.

Here are some pictures of the eventful day and of the pregnancy test!

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bring on the heat.

It’s been quite a bit since I last posted. Summer has been flying by. I just got back from visiting Phil in Orlando and it was awesome. We are 7 weeks into his 12 week internship so over half done! The favorite adventure was kayaking down the river at Wekiwa Springs. The water was so clear and turquoise! We saw an alligator too.

As the summer moves on, we are praying for God’s direction in what is next for us. “Many are the plans in the mind of a man,but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand.” Proverbs 19:21


Remember the Happenings coupon book? Those were great. This blog has nothing to do with that, just an update on what’s happening in the Netolicky home…

Our life has slowly been changing over our second year of marriage. After letting go of the Peace Corp dream, we’ve moved on to the American dream. Just kidding – but it does seem that way… organizing our house more, getting involved with church more… I think I am experiencing what people call “settling down.” AHHHHHHHH…. I just hope that we don’t look back 20 years from now and think we missed out by staying here. I have high hopes that God has plans for us outside of Minneapolis/St. Paul but I’m learning to be okay with the plan he has us on now.

I am working for Here’s Life Inner City (Campus Crusade for Christ) and YouthWorks part-time. It has been a great experience so far but I miss working with middle-school girls. I had my last day with the YWCA Discovery Leadership girls on Feb 10 and I already miss them. I was able to reconnect with the S.A.Y. Yes! Lift girls I mentored a couple of years ago at a purity retreat over Valentine’s Day weekend. It was encouraging and heart-breaking at the same time – to see the way the girls have grown but also the challenges they face as they become teenagers.

Phil and I love playing games. Lately, he has thoroughly enjoyed playing Settlers of Catan with his bff, Wally (Arron). We bought a new game called, Ingenious, the other day and it may be my 3rd favorite, after Ticket to Ride and Chinese Checkers. It’s much more fun to play a game then watch a movie even though movies require much less brain activity and are more “relaxing.” I can’t wait for SPRING so we can play outside!!

We are also doing the “Love Dare” from the movie, Fireproof, with about 30 couples from our church. It has been a good refresher on how to be intentional in loving your spouse. It’s incredible that, after only a year and a half of marriage, how routine things can become and how much I take Phil for granted.

I lost and found my wedding ring the other day. Thought it was in a ditch in the snow and my family (so wonderful) spent the afternoon with metal detectors and binoculars looking for it. Low and behold it was in a pile of the girls’ (my nieces) play jewelry at my parent’s house. Thanks Lord (and family.) Yes, it was a startling to realize it was missing but I was peaceful – I hope that indicates I am not holding on to material things too much.

That’s all for now.


I’m 27! We spent the morning lounging around and Phil made me a delicious birthday brunch. We went to Como Zoo and Conservatory in the afternoon. Phil was inspired by the greenhouse so we stopped by Linder’s greenhouse and picked out a couple of exotic plants for the house. It was a lot of fun – I didn’t realize how big Como Zoo was… the favorite animal: a sloth.

After our plant excursion, we went the the Mirror of Korea and had some amazing Korean food. It was Phil’s first time eating Kimchee – He said if he had nothing else to eat, he would eat it.

A final surprise [for Phil too] was my sister coming into town to see the new Twilight movie… Phil and I didn’t really know anything about it but we went and it was crazy how many people LOVE it. It was fun to have my sister but I’m not head-over heels for the movie series 🙂

peace out.

Always carry a bell


Happy 1 year anniversary to us on July 12.We went up to Cable, WI for a couple of days this past week and had a great time hiking, visiting local places and golfing! The best part of the week was riding tandem bike on Madeline Island and seeing a bear on the road ahead of us!!!!  Luckily, Phil had a bell on the front of the bike and when he rang it, the bear ran away… We tried to take pictures but this is all we got.The bear?

He’s in there somewhere.


Riding by…


Year one went by fast and we are incredibly thankful for how much God has blessed us. We are excited for what he has in store for our marriage and life in year 2.

peace. the Netolickys

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