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1 week

Hello everyone! We have one week to go before Keller makes his appearance. My doctor is very optimistic and thinks that he is going to arrive any day. I am 3.5 cm dilated and am feeling pretty good today. Two friends who were due around the same time as me both had their babies on the 29th – two more beautiful boys.

I finished some paintings for our bedroom (check them out on my art website I am running out of projects to do so am getting antsy for Keller to arrive.

Phil is getting into a routine at work and feels pretty comfortable in his role. He basically works in “manland” again and likes all his coworkers. We have hung out with a couple of them several times and had fun. It is exciting to make new friends and be refreshed in intentionally living out our faith as we get to know them.

Our fantasy football drafts were on Monday night. I am hoping for another big year in the old YW league. Phil is in that league as well as the Hiawatha church league. We are sad that we can’t get Vikings games down here – Kfan doesn’t even broadcast them over Iheart Radio. We are going to look into the NFL package 🙂

We are already miss anticipating the crisp, fall weather but I guess a couple trees down here change colors and lose their leaves. It has cooled down at night with Hurricane Isaac sweeping through the Gulf.

Hopefully next time we post, Keller will be out of my belly and in our arms!!

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